The Non-Method, free from pre-established schemes and teaching methods, is based on the knowledge of the personal and – only later – on the acting peculiarities of the trainee-actor.

EU programmes have always paid special attention to inclusion and overcoming the barriers that hinder young Europeans with fewer opportunities.

Code of project: 2022-1-IT03-KA153-YOU-00006667

Starting from the knowledge of oneself and of “the other” with whom they cooperate, the aim is to build a community of youth workers able to support the quality of youth projects and activities in EU programmes and beyond. By sharing the Non-Method as a best practice, thus increasing the effectiveness and quality of youth workers’ work, especially by using drama as life education. Under this perspective the Non-Method techniques have revealed to be highly suitable for youth inclusion and aggregation. Drama training can be used as a means to regulate inter-subjective relations and to train young people to achieve their ambitions through an increased awareness of their own abilities. 

The NoMe training course will focus on experiential learning and the principles of non-formal education.





The NoMe project involves 20 participants and three facilitators from 5 EU countries (4 per country), interested in and motivated to learn and experiment innovative practices to be integrated and enriched with those they have been already using as youth workers.

The activities strictly related to the Non-Method were divided into 2 different sessions:

  •  “Knowing yourself and others”, with the primary objective of becoming aware of the psychological processes that regulate personality, developing in participants techniques and self-observation skills;
  • “Theatre as a school of life”, which aims to develop everyone’s dialectic ability for cultural and social interaction. Learning how to relate to others and manage one’s emotions in front of an audience strengthens one’s character and personality.

During the last two days of the mobility, participants will hold two public events to disseminate the results of the NoMe project on the territory. 


Use non-formal and informal learning methods, i.e. Non Methods, for the educational and professional development of youth workers, contributing to high quality individual practical experiences and to the development of organisations working with young people.  


During the course of the project, participating youth workers will broaden their knowledge and acquire new skills they are going to use within their organisations; the personal and professional development foreseen will increase their level of motivation and satisfaction by offering new reasons for updating and applications for the high flexibility of the Non Method. 


  • The project will encourage learning and intercultural exchange between participants from different backgrounds and will represent an opportunity for all participants to confront themselves with different methodologies of non-formal education and to have a valuable transnational mobility experience.

  • Learning the Non-Method will allow participants to broaden their knowledge about techniques for working with young people in their communities, which represent a different context from the one in which the method has been developed and applied so far

  • On a local level, the project aims to have a multiplier effect in the community where it is applied, as young people will learn more about the Erasmus+ programme and the opportunities it offers and the whole local community will gain high visibility both in the adjacent communities and in the partner countries involved in the project.

On a national, and European level, the expected impact is to provide a solid precedent for the exchange of good practice using drama and art as a learning vehicle for personal growth. All those who will be involved after the end of the project and come to know the Non Method will recognise theatre as school of life.

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